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Once a client has decided to create a website with us, it is important to understand what is going to be involved in the actual creation of the website and who is responsible for what. Listed below is a summary of the most common steps in the creation of a website with Blue Kiwi Web Design. These steps are not set in stone, they are just a guideline.

As we go through the process of creating a website we will communicate with you, the client, as far as what is required to have a successful outcome. Asking questions or raising concerns at any point in the process is encouraged.
Initial Contact
Time Frame Determine a time frame for completion of the website. If needed also discuss progress points, and expectations for those points.
Graphic Design Discuss the graphics to be used for the website. Topics include: logo, colours, images to include (ie. pictures of products)
Site Layout Discuss how many pages will be included in the website. Also talk about what content is on each page, and any extra requirements (ie. shopping cart)
Discuss Site Name Discuss options for the website name (domain name) to be used, determine what names are available, and .com or .ca
Initial Contact
Create Sample
At this point, we will take the information that was discussed during the initial meeting and create some sample layouts to show the client. Usually we will create 3 samples, often these layouts will be similar in design, with different organization of components.
Followup Conact Once the sample layouts have been created, they will be posted for the client to view. We will then contact the client and request feedback for the sample layouts. This step results in the selection of one of the layouts. We will then modify the single layout selected to match any further requests. This process may occur over a period of a few meetings or emails.
Finalize Layout After all of the client requests have been made, we will meet/email and agree on the final layout. Now the website is ready to be created.
Initial Contact
Creation Based on the final layout agreed upon Blue Kiwi Web Design will create the website. We will provide the client with a URL to view the website. As pages are built they will be avaible to view through the URL. **If the website requires any database work, it will also be done at this time.
Content Content needs to be supplied by the client. This includes any text (ie. welcome paragrpah or about me), contact information, pictures to be displayed, etc. As content is supplied it will be added to the created pages.
Initial Contact Progress updates are only done on larger sites when multiple pages are being written over a long time frame. Update consists of what pages are completed, partial page completion, what will be done by the next progress step. Update points will be determined during the initial contact phase.
Initial Contact
Register Domain Name Once the client has decided on a Domain Name it needs to be registered (This step may be completed before this point).
Hosting The client needs to choose a hosting option that works for them and their needs. Blue Kiwi Web Design will complete this task for all clients free of charge.
Setup The final two steps required for setup are setting the DNS between the domain registrar and the host, and then setting up the website with the host.
Initial Contact
Final Changes Once the website site is active we will discuss the final product to determine if any minor changes need to be made.
Invoice Clients will receive a printed or electronic copy of the invoice, to be paid upon completion.
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