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Pricing Introduction
To the right is a breakdown of all of the services that Blue Kiwi Web Design provides with a corresponding charge per hour or per page for each service.

Every complete .NET developed website purchased through Blue Kiwi will come with the ability for the owner to manage/update content themselves. For exmple if you want to update your business hours, or just some information about yourself, you can login to the Administrative pages and edit the content yourself.

Aside from the price for the devlopment of your website, you will also need to register your domain name ( and find a web hosting plan.
Register Domain Name
One of the most widely used domain registers on the web is GoDaddy. They provide a tool to search existing domain names to see if the name you want is available. For most clients we register the domain name for them and add it to the bill. Domain names start at approximately $15.
Web Hosting
A hosting company provides you with the space, tools and support to run your website and email accounts (ie. Blue Kiwi Web Design does not provide any hosting solutions, we recommend using Discount ASP. Click here for more information or see the ad below.

Hosting prices can vary from as little as $5/month to $50/month and up depending on your needs. It is a good idea to know what you need before picking a hosting package. For example, how many email accounts you will need, the bandwidth you require, and the amount of disk space needed to contain the site. What features do you need? For example a shopping cart.
                 When looking for a web host, one term that
             you will undoubtedly run across is UpTime.
         There is no set definition as to what up time is, it
really depends on the hosting company.

Basically UpTime is what percentage of time your website is up and running.

Most hosting companys will make the claim of 99% uptime. So for the other 1% of the time your website will not be accessible. This 1% downtime is most often caused by issues they have with their servers or networks. Most hosting companies can rectify these issues quickly and have your website back running.
Beware of hosting companies claiming 100% UpTime, it's not possible.

Every website has different requirements, please contact us through our Contact Form and we can discuss what type of site will work for you and create an accurate quote.

Development Pricing

Simple Custom Page (HTML)$75/page
Advanced Custom Page (.NET)$100/page

HTML Development$60/hr
.NET Development$60/hr
Custom Graphic Design$60/hr
MS SQL Development$60/hr

Service Pricing

Custom Page Updates$60/hr

* Please note we no longer develop in PHP

A few notes about the packages or any site development that Blue Kiwi Web Design does
  • We do not write the content for the sites, ie the text that you see on any of the pages. That is the clients responsibility. You know your business, your target audience better than we do, so it's best left up to you.
  • All packages include the development of a logo. If you already have a logo we will incorporate it into the new site design.
  • We develop using HTML or ASP .NET (1.1 or 2.0 Frameworks), we no longer develop in PHP.
  • All websites that are developed by Blue Kiwi Web Design are developed uniquely for the client, we do not use templates of any kind.
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