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My name is Steve and I am the owner and principal developer at Blue Kiwi Web Design. I have been in the IT industry now for almost 10 years. Although I have had the opportunity to experience many aspects of IT, my main focus has been software development, specifically for the web.

Why did I start Blue Kiwi Web Design? The answer is simple, with the growing importance of the web in business, I’ve had many requests from friends, family, and business associates for various web based solutions. People were generally asking the same questions; How much does it cost? What does _____ (insert technical term here) mean and how can I get that on my website? What do I need to do create my own site? So I decided to start a business around these opportunities and this site will provide the information people need to make that initial decision about their website needs.

Thanks for checking out Blue Kiwi Web Design. I hope the information I’ve provided answers all of your questions, and if it doesn’t please feel free to contact me.

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 Blue Kiwi Web Design

                A little bit about my training and experience.

             I have a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the     University of Victoria in Computer Systems Engineering. This gave me the foundation for all of my future learning. The IT field, specifically the web is an ever changing venue, requiring people who work there to be constantly learning.

I have almost 10 years of web development experience. My current occupation as Manager of Web Development for a software development company affords me the ability to keep up to date on new technologies, and make decisions on which best suit our company.

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Technical Info
Confused as to what a certain technical term means or what a certain technology is. Check out this page to try to answer your question.
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Are you unsure what the steps are when creating a website? What decisions do you need to make and what information is required?
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View some of our previous work. Some sites have active links while others show screen shots of the website.

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